1.116 Live Patch Notes
PvE feiert ein Comeback, es lebe DF!!
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Obtain one of the 250+ brand new or revamped Champion Abilities and one of the 150+ Champion Weapons on your quest for Champion Level 15!
Brave the depths of the Darkness Falls RvR dungeon to experience new encounters and find new rewards!
The Portal Ceremony has made its exit!
Several item and class adjustments, including global item use-timers, Assassins, Warlocks, and Caster stat debuffs!



Master Vaughn, Stor Gothi Dagny, and Brerend will no longer be performing the Portal Ceremony. Instead they will teleport players to the same teleport locations as other Channelers found throughout the world.
(Ywain Only) Players will now respawn in their realm's Portal Keep when /releasing in the Frontiers instead of the strength Relic town.
Portal stones have been added back to both Border Keeps and both Relic Towns
A new teleporter has been added to the Portal Keeps that will teleport players directly to the Relic Towns
Buff NPCs have been moved back inside of the Portal Keeps
Apprentice Vaughn, Dagny, and Brerend have been moved from the Strength Relic Towns to the Power Relic Towns
Archer guards at each Portal Keep have had their attack range increased to the proper amount. They will now attack from the same distance as the caster guards.
The invulnerable guards around the Strength Relic Towns have been removed.


The Supplies for the Cause quest rewards have been reduced from all 3 Doppelganger realm shards to a choice of 2 Doppelganger realm shards.

Champion Levels


All players have received a forced Champion Ability respec and had their points refunded.
Players are now able to progress to Champion Level 15.
This means players will receive the normal hit point modifier and power pool increase with each subsequent champion level.
Champion Level 15 is earned in the same way that CLs 1-10 were earned: experience. Quests and RvR combat will be the fastest ways to earn CL XP.
If you have already visited the King once to embark on the Champion Levels, there is no need to visit him to proceed towards CL15.

Each champion level between 11 and 15 will require twice as much experience as each champion level between 1 and 10.
Players will now receive 1 additional Champion Ability point when embarking on their Champion Levels.
This means after the forced champion level respec, CL10 players will see that they have 11 CL points to spend now instead of the previous 10.

Players will receive 1 additional Champion Ability point for each Champion Level from 11 to 15, for a total of 16 points at CL15.


Champion Abilities have received a complete overhaul.
Champion Ability-point costs have been altered as follows:
First ability in each column: 1 point
Second ability in each column: 2 points
Third ability in each column: 3 points
Fourth ability in each column: 4 points
Fifth ability in each column: 5 points

This means in order to get all 5 abilities in a given column, it will take 15 of the possible 16 Champion Ability points.
In conjunction with this point increase, almost all previously-existing abilities have been moved and condensed towards the beginning of each column.
This means that the old point cost for the 5th ability in a column (5 total points) is roughly the same as it is now for the 3rd ability in a column (6 total points). Given this general increase, almost all of the old 5th abilities are now located at the 3rd position in a column or earlier, and so on.
With the condensing of abilities, several under-used or under-powered abilities have been removed.
The new 4th and 5th slot Champion Abilities in each column are significant upgrades from either abilities obtained earlier in that column, or are unique, new abilities.

Scores of new abilities have been added and almost all of the existing abilities have been tweaked. Check out the base trainers in each realm to see them!
The same base trainer restrictions apply as before. Players may only train CL abilities from base trainers other than their class’ base trainer.
Base Trainers are located in Cotswold and Caer Gothwaite in Albion, Mularn and Aegirhamn in Midgard, and Mag Mell and Grove of Domnann in Hibernia

Newly obtained Luminescent Cambiare Stones can now be /used in order to perform a CL respec and will now stack to a count of 25, instead of 5.
These stones can only be /used when unstacked and when at least 1 Champion Ability point has been spent.
Already purchased and pre-existing Luminescent Cambiare Stones will not be /usable unless stacked on top of a newly purchased stone.
Newly purchased stones that get stacked onto pre-existing ones will no longer be /usable either, so be careful!


A new quest line has been added to help guide players towards achieving Champion Level 15.
Travel to your realm’s throne room and speak to the following NPC in order to embark on these new quests.
Chamberlain Harlen in Albion
Athr Hasetti Theyr in Midgard
Seneschal Desmond in Hibernia
Players must be CL10+ in order to receive this new quest.

Performing this quest chain will grant players additional Daemon Blood Seals as well as a significant amount of CL XP.


150+ new Champion Level 15 Weapons have been added, and they look stunning!
These weapons can be obtained by either defeating certain high-end encounters within Darkness Falls or by obtaining the new DF currency, Daemon Blood Seals, and purchasing the weapons from the new Imp Blood Seal merchants within the dungeon.
These weapons are purchase-able prior to CL15 but will not be able to be equipped until CL15 has been obtained.
These weapons are trade-able and multiple weapons can be obtained, though each weapon can only be equipped by its designated class.
All CL15 Weapons are drop-able and vault-able.

Darkness Falls


The following mob encounters have received significant upgrades in behavior and difficulty. Each of these encounters, aside from Beliathan and Lilith which are simply BG-credit, require players to be within the immediate area of the mob to receive credit for their kill. These areas are marked with region names that display when entering and leaving them.
Lilith the Demon Queen
Grand Chancellor Adremal
Field Marshal Nebir
Prince Abdin
Prince Asmoien
Prince Ba’alorien
Princess Nahemah
High Lord Baelerdoth
High Lord Baln
High Lord Oro
High Lord Saeor
Gatekeeper Dommel

All other mobs throughout Darkness Falls have had their difficulty increased.
The difficulty of several normal mobs have been slightly decreased from their Pendragon versions.

The experience and coin bonuses for venturing in Darkness Falls have been increased from 100% to 150%.
The realm point bonus for venturing in Darkness Falls has been increased from 25% to 50%.
New, upgraded loot has been added to Legion, Lilith the Demon Queen, Beliathan, Grand Chancellor Adremal, and Field Marshal Nebir.
A new currency has been added to the dungeon: Daemon Blood Seals. Blood Seals can be used to purchase the new CL15 Weapons and new unique loot.
Daemon Blood Seals will be available almost exclusively via quest. Seek out Mystemas near each realm’s merchants for repeatable quests that direct players to content that will grant the seals. Some seals will also have a chance to drop off the very high-end encounters.
New Imp Merchants have been added to each realm’s merchant area at their entrance to the dungeon that will sell the Daemon Blood Seal items.
All Imp merchants now denote which type of items they have for sale. Armor Merchants will also sell jewelry.
Emerald Armor Merchant
Emerald Weapon Merchant
Sapphire Amor Merchant
Sapphire Weapon Merchant
Diamond Armor Merchant
Diamond Weapon Merchant
Blood Armor Merchant
Blood Weapon Merchant

The 3 Princes and Princess Nahemah now have a chance to drop new medium and large shields.
The old shields have been removed from their loot tables.
Their other weapons have not been updated but still have a chance to drop.

The 4 High Lords now have a chance to drop new bucklers and small shields.
The old shields have been removed from their loot tables.
Their other weapons have not been updated but still have a chance to drop.
Gatekeeper Dommel now has a chance to drop new bracers.
The old bracers have been removed from his loot table.

New Diamond Seal currency exchange merchants have been added to each realm's Darkness Falls merchant area. They will sell the following alternate currencies for the following amount of seals:
100 Atlantean Glass for 150 Diamond Seals
50 Dragon Scales for 100 Diamond Seals
1 Soul/Ice/Root for 100 Diamond Seals

They will additionally allow converting up from Emerald to Sapphire and Sapphire to Diamond Seals for the following amounts:
20 Diamond Seals for 400 Sapphire Seals
2 Diamond Seals for 40 Sapphire Seals
10 Sapphire Seals for 200 Emerald Seals
2 Sapphire Seals for 40 Emerald Seals

Legion, Lilith, all 4 High Lords, Grand Chancellor Adremal, and the 3 Princes will no longer drop diamond seals


The Call of the Champion quests in Darkness Falls have been disabled.
New repeatable quests have been added that direct players to kill high-end encounters in Darkness Falls for the new Daemon Blood Seals. Visit the NPC, Mystemas, around each realm’s merchants in Darkness Falls in order to obtain these quests.
All of these repeatable quests are also automatically given when defeating the requisite encounter, so picking up the quests beforehand, while not necessary, will at least direct you towards the appropriate encounters.

Class Balance


Assassins have been given a forced skill respec.

Critical Strike Specialization

The level 44 style, Rib Separation, now opens off Evade and is no longer a followup to Hamstring. Its to-hit bonus has been decreased from 15% to 10% and defensive bonus decreased from 10% to 5%. Its random armor piece wither effect has had its duration reduced from 20s to 15s.
The level 45 style, Incapacitate, has had its to-hit bonus increased from 15% to 20%.
The level 46 style, Neck Shot, has had its to-hit bonus increased from 20% to 25%.
The level 47 style, Rib Shot, has had its to-hit bonus increased from 20% to 25%.
The level 48 style, Hip Shot, has had its to-hit bonus increased from 20% to 25%.
The level 50 style, Ripper, now follows the Garrote style instead of the Achilles Heel style. Its random armor piece wither effect has had its duration reduced from 20s to 15s.


The single-target and area-of-effect instant amnesia spells have had their ranged reduced from 2300 to 2000.


All caster and support instant stat debuff spells (strength, constitution, dexterity, str/con, dex/qui, and de- haste) have been normalized from a 5s recast and varying durations down to a 10s recast and 45s duration.


The instant haste, str/con, dex/qui, and acuity stat debuffs have had their durations reduced to 45s.


In conjunction with the instant stat debuff recast and duration changes, the following changes have been made.
The level 3 to level 18 single target dex/qui debuff spells have been changed to area of effect debuff.
The now AoE dex/qui debuff and AoE str/con debuff spells share a recast timer.


The instant acuity stat debuffs have had their durations reduced to 45s.


The instant acuity stat debuffs have had their durations reduced to 45s.


Warlocks now have access to the Mastery of Healing and Wild Healing realm abilities.
Warlocks have been given a forced skill respec.

Witchcraft Specialization

The Greater Spell of Absorption line of spells in the Witchcraft specialization are no longer secondary spells and have been changed from a targeted damage suppression focus buff to a normal, self-targeted melee absorb buff as follows:

Level 13 - Spell of Protection - 13% abs - 4 power cost - 20 minute duration - 3.0s cast time
Level 24 - Greater Spell of Protection - 17% abs - 6 power cost - 20 minute duration - 3.0s cast time
Level 33 - Lesser Spell of Absorption - 21% abs - 8 power cost - 20 minute duration - 3.0s cast time
Level 43 - Spell of Absorption - 26% abs - 10 power cost - 20 minute duration - 3.0s cast time
Level 49 - Greater Spell of Absorption - 31% abs - 12 power cost - 20 minute duration - 3.0s cast time

The Erode Armor (AF debuff) spells are now secondary instead of normal-casted spells and can take advantage of the Warlock's Primer spells' benefits.

Hexing Specialization

The Putrefying Hex (lifetap) line of spells has had its damage type changed from Matter to Energy
A casted Matter debuff line of spells has been added to the Hexing specialization as follows:

Level 23 - Malevolent Affliction - 15% Matter Debuff - 8s duration - 2.0s cast time - 12 power
Level 34 - Malevolent Pestilence - 25% Matter Debuff - 8s duration - 2.0s cast time - 16 power
Level 44 - Malevolent Scourge - 40% Matter Debuff - 8s duration - 2.0s cast time - 24 power

The level 44 spell, Spell of Crawling (secondary snare), has been moved to Level 42 to compensate for the new level 44 Matter debuff spell above.
The secondary AoE Snare/DD line of spells have had their power costs removed. These are secondary spells and never should have had a power cost.


All global item-use timers have been normalized to 90 seconds.
This change specifically affects the timer seen after using one item and then trying to use a second, different item.
This change only affects equipped items that are /used. It does not affect potions or other similar items.

The Mesmerization Poison, essence flare, summoned by the Essence Flare Spymaster ability, will now only work for Assassins.
The Traitor's Dagger artifact's re-use timer has been reduced from 30 minutes down to 15.

General Bug Fixes

(Crash) Crashes resulting from certain combinations of the Bard Realm Rank 5 ability and Classic Character Models have been fixed.
(Art) Several keep walls that could be exploited into have been fixed.
(Ability) The level 27 powder skeleton ability now displays the correct power level when delving it.
(Item) Dragonslayer armor can once again be placed into a vault.
(Item) Draughts of Heroism and Supremacy should fire more consistently now.
(Quest) Report to Druim Cain now steps correctly when speaking with Channeler Drolg.
(Quest) Clerics can once again activate the un-leveled version of the Aten's Shield artifact.
(Quest) The Midgard Tutorial quest, Upgrading Your Weapon, has had its directions updated.
(Quest) The Pest Control quest had had its directions updated.
(Quest) Darkwood Bandits in the Midgard Catacombs have had their levels increased slightly. This should allow level 21-24 players to be able to complete Guard Ubra's Order quest more reliably.
(Class) Paladin’s Greater Battle Zeal line of spells will now pulse while sitting.
(World) Ships in the tutorial zones can no longer be picked up.

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